News that highlights the importance of remaining vigilant and updated on the latest news in the field of cybersecurity.

In recent years, cybersecurity has become a key priority for both businesses and individuals. With the increase in cyber attacks, it’s essential to stay up to date on the latest security measures and how they impact your daily use of technology. And the most worrying aspect of this story is the fact that not even large companies appear to be safe from these threats.

Windows faced a serious cyber threat – Sjbeez

Recently Microsoft also found itself at the center of a controversial affair which highlighted the importance of always staying updated on possible threats. Cybercriminals discovered a vulnerability in the system that, if exploited, could cause serious damage to users and their online activities.

Windows disables some of its services to prevent hackers from misusing them

Microsoft recently disabled a protocol that allowed the installation of Windows apps via the web, after discovering that the mechanism had been exploited to install malware. Disabling the ms-appinstaller URI scheme, which was re-enabled in August 2022, was a direct response to the discovery of this vulnerability that allowed attackers to bypass Microsoft security controls, such as Defender SmartScreen.

Microsoft begins the year facing a security threat to all its users – Sjbeez

This move will have significant effects for Windows 11 users, particularly those using the system in enterprise settings, who relied on installing web apps as part of their workflow. Disabling the ms-appinstaller protocol means that these users will now have to rely on alternative methods to install applications, potentially creating more friction in the download and installation process.

Faced with this situation, Windows 11 users have been advised to take some precautionary measures. First, it is recommended that you update your App Installer app to the latest version to ensure that you are not using vulnerable versions of the software. Additionally, for businesses, it may be necessary to implement a network policy that regulates the installation of apps, ensuring that they are downloaded from safe and verified sources.

Microsoft’s decision to disable the ms-appinstaller URI scheme is a clear sign of the company’s commitment to fighting malware and protecting its users. While this may cause some short-term inconveniences, it is an important step in ensuring that Windows 11 remains a secure and reliable operating system.