SD cards are not created equal and between names and performance there is the risk of buying something of low quality. How to recognize the best ones?

Maybe you bought a micro SD for your smartphone but SD cards are still widely used and very popular. For example, they have replaced the so-called USB sticks for many users and many professional cameras require SD cards as a memory format.

Why do SD cards have different prices and how to recognize the best ones? (Sjbeez)

But buying an SD card is now almost as complicated as choosing the device itself. Over the years, the reading and writing capabilities and performance of these small objects have evolved in step with the performance of other digital memory storage systems.

Given that price is often a good indicator of what awaits you in terms of performance and reliability, the question of how you can choose a good product remains pertinent. Also because, and this is a principle that applies to everything, the absolute best object may not be the best object for you.

How to choose reliable SD cards

As with other data storage systems, even for SD cards you need to find a product that is in a comfortable position both in terms of the selling price and in terms of reliability and also in terms of performance. . In some situations, for example, it is not necessary to have a particular writing and reading speed. If you use SD cards to carry around your data while you’re at work, while a little more speed might be useful, it doesn’t become a crucial aspect of your day.

Are all the SD cards you buy reliable? (Sjbeez)

Other situations, however, flow much more smoothly if there is the possibility of using very fast SD cards: a case that is often used as an example is that of photographers. A photographer who finds himself immortalizing an event can do a better job if the SD cards in his camera have a higher reading and writing speed to thus improve the shooting speed and reactivity of the camera itself.

By purchasing poor quality products there is the danger not only of finding yourself in situations where you need to be quick and not being able to work properly but even of losing the work done due to a system error or memory corruption .

To choose a good product, the first thing to do is make sure that, if you buy it online, you are buying from an official retailer. Taking Amazon as an example, alongside original products, unfortunately there are many counterfeit products that rely on renowned brands or apparently superior performance to attract users into unwary purchases.

One of the tricks that many photographers have learned in the field is to immediately check the back of the SD cards: if the back does not have the serial number and other information relating to the manufacturer, unfortunately 9 times out of 10 the product is a fake. Just as it is important to stay away from brands that offer amazing products at ridiculously low prices: another sign that something is wrong.