Thanks to this ROM that you can install for free, the Samsung S9 series can also enjoy the features of Android 14.

For a few weeks now, all latest generation Samsung smartphones have been able to download the latest version of Android 14 for free. Made available by Google and then customized by the South Korean company, it features a long series of improvements both in terms of the graphic interface that of internal functions. And as always in these cases, support is guaranteed for all the latest series that have been launched on the market.

News for the Samsung Android system

But what happens for those who have an older device? As a rule, you have to settle for software that dates back years and has some serious flaws that could detract from the overall experience. What if we told you that, thanks to this free ROM, you can enjoy Android 14 even with older models? There is one in particular that will allow you to use the updated green robot on Samsung’s S9 series. Here’s what you need to do.

The ROM to have Android 14 on Samsung Galaxy S9: here’s how to install it

Thanks to this convenient free ROM released in recent days by a team of experts, you will finally be able to enjoy all the latest features released by Google with Android 14 even if you own a Samsung smartphone from the S9 series. It may seem incredible to you, considering how much we now talk about devices belonging to older generations, but by following this guide you will have everything at your fingertips in a few minutes.

Take advantage of this ROM to have Android 14 on the Samsung S9 series

This custom ROM is the Noble ROM, which has reached version 4.0 and is designed for all users who own a Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9. The developer AlexisXDA stated that all the main functions of One UI 6 are available, with the possible presence of limitations and bugs due to the technical data sheet of these devices.

In particular, we talk about errors regarding facial unlocking, audio output with HDMI, the bluetooth features of the S Pen, the moving photo effect, Super Slow Motion, portraits and HDR in photos. If you are interested and want to download the Noble ROM 4.0 on your device, just go to the official page and proceed with the download. Furthermore, you can find the various instructions to proceed with the installation at the same address. In addition to a custom recovery useful for affecting the Knox counter.