Samsung is preparing to revolutionize smartphones with a brilliant new idea. Here’s what the South Korean company has in mind.

During the CES 2024 scheduled in Las Vegas these days, all the big tech companies in the sector are presenting to the general public the main innovations that will arrive on the market this year. In addition to some revolutionary concepts and ideas that we will continue to work on in order to be able to apply them to devices that aim to completely change our habits.

Samsung has a new revolution in mind for smartphones

Samsung could not be missing from the list, which has always been one of the companies that looks most to the future. Especially in the smartphone sector, with possible devices that go beyond the basic functionality we know today and focus entirely on designs and specifications never seen before. Precisely during CES, the South Korean giant presented a concept that was incredible and immediately left fans speechless. Here’s what it is and how it could be applied in our daily lives.

Samsung revolution for smartphones: the company’s latest idea

As has already happened several times in recent years, CES also represented the right window in 2024 to give Samsung the opportunity to present revolutionary concepts for its smartphones. It is not certain that they will see the light of day on the market, but they leave us amazed by their brilliance and the uses that could be made of them. Specifically speaking of foldable devices, there is a new update that you should know about.

Samsung presents Inside Out leaflets – photo via Samsung

The company has in fact presented a foldable device of the Inside Out type, capable of folding from the inside out. It is therefore a smartphone that has a central hinge that has the ability to open both pointing outwards and inwards. The design is very reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Flip, but it is precisely the screen that represents the real revolution.

An idea that is not being followed for the first time ever by the Asian giant. In the past we had already seen a device with a Flex In & Out display, in the Galaxy Z Fold style and with a tablet format. Among other things, the company also presented some types of alternative OLED screens to the public. Like the Rollable Flex and Flex Hybrid solutions, with rollable and foldable panels. We’ll see which of these concepts will remain as such and which will instead be applied on actual smartphones to be launched on the market.