Many users, shocked and at the same time thrilled by this news, seem even more inclined to purchase the new Samsung model.

Samsung opened the new year by releasing its widely anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a model that has been making waves for many months thanks to the impressive features it is equipped with. Many have defined it as the first “AI smartphone”, given that the company has particularly concentrated on equipping the new model with Artificial Intelligence functions that are particularly integrated into the system and efficient for the daily productivity of users.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 has amazed all phone enthusiasts – Sjbeez

Although some have had complaints about this and several other innovations introduced by Samsung, in these first days after the release the sales data seem to be decidedly promising. However, there seems to be a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that has amazed fans because it exceeds even the wildest expectations. The first users to purchase it also conducted the now famous “stress test”, obtaining decidedly remarkable results.

An extraordinary resistance for the Samsung S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra exceeded all expectations in the recent endurance test conducted by PBKreviews, a YouTube channel known for testing the toughness of smartphones. Repeated falls from waist height, close contact with abrasive surfaces such as chipboard and gravel, and even direct exposure to work tools such as a drill have failed to significantly dent this titan of technology.

The resistance of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra surprised many users (Samsung YouTube photo) – Sjbeez

The novelty that surprised everyone is the titanium frame of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a material known for its exceptional resistance and lightness. This not only gives the device an impressive solidity but also makes it particularly easy to handle and pleasant to the touch, a quality that users have not taken long to notice and appreciate.

The 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, protected by the new Gorilla Glass Armor, also showed incredible resistance to scratches and abrasions, even in extreme conditions. This represents a significant step forward in materials technology, ensuring that the screen maintains impeccable sharpness and clarity over time, even for the most adventurous users.

Despite a small crack resulting from a drop, the overall structure of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra proved remarkably resilient. The back of the device, in particular, passed the drop tests without showing any signs of damage, confirming the superior design and build quality that Samsung promises and delivers.