The new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 will contain a feature that is set to change the way you make phone calls.

The year has just begun and it is therefore already time to look at what will be the next devices arriving on the market. For Samsung, 2024 will be the year of the Galaxy S24, which promise to be truly superior not only to previous generations of smartphones from the Korean giant but also to defeat the competition, even that of Apple.

The new Samsung Galaxy is already phone of the year with this feature – Sjbeez

Everything will be played around a series of new functions that will enable users to perform even the simplest actions such as making phone calls in a new way. The new model will have its own artificial intelligence inside and it will be this that will bring about the revolution that many are already waiting to have in their hands.

With the explosion of artificial intelligence and their introduction into everyday life, device and operating system manufacturers are also trying in every way to exploit these innovations as best they can to insert them into the daily experience of users. Just think of the new Copilot app just released by Microsoft which puts everyone in a position to be able to use ChatGPT for free in the most updated version within something that resembles a talking search engine.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 will be a phone out of this world

But for Samsung the use of artificial intelligence goes beyond internet searches. According to what was discovered by Nikkei Asia, in fact, artificial intelligence capable of transforming itself into an interpreter on the telephone will be inserted into the new Samsung smartphones. Artificial intelligence will make it possible to manage phone calls between people who speak different languages ​​in such a way as to make communication instantaneous.

Galaxy s24, the Samsung revolution at your fingertips – Sjbeez

And in addition to allowing you to call each other even without being multilingual, Samsung promises to make this function available to anyone who calls a Galaxy S24 owner. The function will therefore also be activated in the case of phone calls not only between Samsung devices of different series but also between Samsung devices and other brands, including iPhone.

But there was more in store. The Korean giant has decided to push a lot on artificial intelligence to the point that some even whisper that it will not only be smartphones that will be equipped with a live translation function but even the new Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

The presence of features that work with artificial intelligence is closely linked to the introduction of new chips that are more performing and reliable than previous generations which will allow real-time assistance and translated phone calls without lag, with a simple command. The official presentation of the new Galaxy should take place by the end of January and it will therefore be possible to find out more from interested parties in the coming days.