From today, redoing the eSim will no longer be a nightmare. Here’s how you can proceed quickly and easily, it’s a turning point.

For some time now, all the main telephone operators in Italy have “embraced” a new technology which in the coming years will definitively replace the traditional ones. With eSIMs, there is the possibility of having your own saved phone number, with all the benefits of your tariff plan, without the need to insert the classic phone card into the dedicated slot on the smartphone.

It will soon become easier to redo your eSIM

Simply request one online or at one of the many physical stores, and then scan the QR code provided to complete the various basic operations and thus be able to take advantage of all the advantages that this technology has to offer. There is only one major obstacle that has held consumers back to date. That is, the difficulties if you want to redo the eSIM. But things could change soon, if everything is confirmed starting from 2024 everything will be quicker and simpler.

Here’s how to redo the eSIM: so it won’t be a nightmare anymore

After a long time, it will finally be possible to redo the eSIM in a simpler and faster way. Without having to deal with excessively high costs for consumers. Fastweb Mobile, one of the operators that immediately decided to approach this new service method, announced the news.

Here’s how to redo the eSIM with Fastweb Mobile spending very little

Recently, the provider announced a very important change regarding the fees for replacing eSIMs. With some discounts that are already being appreciated by customers. To date, with Fastweb Mobile it is possible to generate a new eSIM up to six times. So you can move your number to a different device up to five times after the first activation.

The problem arises once these ‘slots’ are used up, when you have to regenerate the eSIM with the new QR Code. Until some time ago, the cost to carry out this operation was 14.99 euros. But as anticipated, with Fastweb Mobile things are ready to change: you will only have to pay 4.99 euros.

You should know that the use of eSIMs is only intended for smartphones that are able to support this alternative system. There is a complete list provided by Fastweb itself, so you can check if your phone model can also scan the QR Code and enter your active phone number without the need to use a physical card.