Realme continues to leak tantalizing details about the new 12 Pro, a smartphone designed for luxury and with a monstrous camera.

The new year has arrived which means we are talking about news and new versions of smartphones. One of the absolute protagonist companies for this year will be Realme which with the new Realme 12 Pro model intends to touch the entire range of users who expect to have superior quality photos from their smartphone.

Why Realme 12 Pro risks being the best smartphone of the year (photo youtube/smart technical) – Sjbeez

The new 12 Pro model, which from the images distributed so far by the manufacturer appears first and foremost to be a very elegant object, will have the new periscope camera with optical zoom, improved image stabilization also through artificial intelligence.

The product, which already has an official page on the company’s website, will arrive somewhere later this month. In the opening image, in fact, a note has been left that reads “See you on XX Jan, 2024”. And on the same page there is a bit of a mockery of smartphones with 200 megapixels.

Realme 12 Pro, the new device with a hand from Sony

The characteristics of the lenses of the new Realme 12 Pro are the most interesting you can read. Because in addition to the telephoto lens with 71 mm periscope optics of equivalent focal length Omnivision OV64B, in addition to the camera with 24 mm equivalent focal length, optical stabilization and aperture up to 1.8, in addition to the 3x pure optical zoom to add to a 2x zoom, below the body is a Sony IMX890 sensor.

Realme ready for war against iPhone (photo youtube/smart technical) – Sjbeez

This is not the first time Sony has used this sensor on smartphones. It is worth mentioning that for example it is also found on the OPPO Reno 11 Pro and on the new Find N2. But the news with the new Realmi 12 Pro is obviously the combination with periscope technology.

And it is also interesting to note how in the press release Realme wants to position itself as a direct opponent of the iPhone, underlining that the sensor measures double that of the telephoto lens of the new iPhone 15 Pro and that it is able to take in much more light thanks to the better focal aperture. To frame all this power, a smartphone was created from the collaboration with one of the designers who worked for Rolex.

The launch has so far been confirmed only for part of the world market: by the end of this month it should arrive in India and then be distributed elsewhere. On the price for the Indian market it is rumored that it should be around the equivalent of 300 dollars, 25 thousand rupees, which means that we could actually be faced with a budget phone in price but Pro in specifications.