Rai is preparing for a successful 2024 in which it will broadcast many important events with a definition never seen before: details.

There is a lot of news in the world of sports on television. From football to basketball, passing through tennis: it seems that 2024 is a crucial year to redefine the common standards of sport on TV.

Rai, here’s when the new resolution for the channels will arrive ()

Apparently, Rai is also gearing up for a year full of sport. What are the new features that will be introduced by national television? And what benefits will taxpayers who pay the fee every year have? Rai has been trying to cover a large portion of sporting events for some time. From football to tennis, then basketball and volleyball: Italian television seems to want to do something to counter the dominance of Pay TV in this sector.

Rai, the news for major sporting events: here’s what to expect for 2024

Now a big news is ready that will make all fans happy. Which? Well, Rai is willing to broadcast the next major sporting events free-to-air in 4K. This would be a huge innovation that would allow you to watch the great sports champions in fantastic resolution without surcharges.

Rai in 4K, here are the live sporting events in high resolution ()

But for which events will 4K coverage be available? Well, the event not to be missed to exclusively watch the high definition show on television is June 14th, when the European Football Championships will be broadcast. A great event that many fans are waiting for, also because Luciano Spalletti’s Italy will be there to defend the title. The European Football Championships will be a good test to admire Rai’s 4K as numerous matches will be broadcast and the event will continue until 16 July, around 1 month of pure football complete with in-depth analysis and analysis.

Immediately afterwards, Rai will proceed with the broadcast of the 2024 Paris Olympics, offering partial, but still satisfactory coverage for fans, of the Olympic Games which will be held in the transalpine capital. In fact, it appears that around 360 hours of racing is expected to be broadcast.

Obviously, not everyone will be able to watch the events offered in 4K. The broadcaster has specified that only those who have a decoder and a suitable television will be able to take advantage of the high resolution broadcasts. In detail, the service is dedicated to Tivùsat users: they will be able to tune in to television channel 210 and enjoy the events live and in 4K.