Keeping your smartphone safe in rain or snow is important. By choosing the right case you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

When you buy a new smartphone you never think about what could happen if this delicate and important device encounters water, snow, rain or anything else. And, consequently, we think about putting a protective case on only after something has happened and perhaps the dream device has ended up in service. But there is a way to save money and also save yourself a lot of stress.

Which cover really protects you from water? – Sjbeez

You need to find a case that is suitable and resistant so that you don’t have to worry about having to repair it later. Our guide will allow you to find the one that’s right for you and to live even the most extreme adventures peacefully without your device running risks.

You’ve decided to give yourself a gift or someone gave you a nice surprise and now you have a brand new smartphone in your hands. But if your first thought is to find the ringtone that best represents you or choose the wallpaper you should actually stop and check that your new dream device is protected as best as possible.

How to choose a rainproof smartphone cover

Because even if you don’t take it with you while you’re hiking at high altitude or it’s not in the pocket of your swimsuit if you’re windsurfing, there’s always the danger that even in the middle of the city, while you’re perhaps just waiting for the bus, the device slips out of your hand and ends up in a puddle.

Which is the most suitable cover for your smartphone in case of rain? – Sjbeez

This is enough to cause even very serious and sometimes irrecoverable damage. For this reason you must equip yourself with a cover that is actually resistant and allows you to stay safe. There are different types of covers in shops. The lightest are the rear ones in TPU which protect the smartphone like a shell if it happens to fall. But these are covers that essentially only protect against impacts and scratches, because all the ports are uncovered, which means that in case of water there is no effective barrier.

An alternative to TPU covers can be flip covers which also protect the front part of the mobile phone, transforming everything into a sort of wallet. Again, however, unless you have additional protections, the smartphone is only protected from bumps and scratches but not from water or sand. If you take your smartphone with you on your adventures what you need to do is choose a case that is truly waterproof.

The simplest and cheapest are those constructed as transparent bags with an airtight seal and hook. The transparent bag keeps the smartphone safe from all external agents while the lanyard helps you not to lose the device. For those who very often find themselves in contact with water, any type of water, the solution of waterproof bag cases is the most practical, economical and easy to implement.