Prime Video like Netflix? There is a way to look in the hidden categories too. Take notes and prepare for a surprise.

The streaming experience has changed the way we watch TV, bringing it strangely closer to video games in ways that perhaps weren’t foreseeable. If you have ever dealt with Netflix, for example, you will certainly have heard of the famous secret codes of the big red N streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video is like Netflix! Learn these codes and use them immediately – Sjbeez

For them there is even a post on the official website of the platform which explains how the codes were created that allow quick access to the various categories of content and also a very long list that can be used to more easily track down your next favorite program .

A sort of Easter egg which however does not exist only for Netflix. Apparently there are also codes for Amazon Prime Video that you can use to navigate and directly reach what you need. No more arguing with the search screen.

Prime Video has a secret like Netflix, hidden categories

The idea behind Prime Video’s entire streaming system is to provide users with content that they will enjoy. And this is why it is perhaps easier to navigate from the home page only from one recommended content to another than to do a search if you already have in mind what you want to watch. Using the Amazon Prime app from a TV or tablet doesn’t allow too much freedom of action. And so you find yourself scrolling waiting for enlightenment.

How to really find what you’re looking for on Prime Video? – Sjbeez

But if you watch Prime Video products through your computer screen, you open the streaming service with your browser, which puts you in a position to exploit hidden codes. Unlike what Netflix does, which is to create numerical codes to direct the experience towards similar content, the codes that can be used on Amazon help in navigating between categories.

In fact, each category belongs to a specific genre, identified by a term. To jump from one category of content to another what you need to do is add some characters to the official Amazon Prime Video page. In the address bar, enter "&field-genre=" adding the genre of content you want to see after the equal sign.

The navigation works with English terms and so for example if you are looking for romantic comedies you will search for comedy while for action films the genre is action, costume dramas are identified by the term drama and so on. For now there is no complete list of terms to use but you can start experimenting with the main ones.

If you are looking for Japanese animation add the term anime, for twisted and mystery stories add the term suspense, if you want to have a healthy dose of fear add horror while for science fiction science-fiction remembering to add the hyphen between the two words.