How much money can be paid into PostePay? The card has a limit that many ignore: here is the rule that cardholders must know.

Postepay is among the cards most used by Italian citizens, especially in its iconic yellow version. Despite its widespread use, many people still don’t know what the top-up limit is, an element to consider to better manage the card.

Pay attention to Postepay top-up limits: here’s what you need to know

Knowing the daily and annual limits of your card allows you to organize your expenses in the best way. Most people use PostePay for small expenses and this is why they tend not to consider certain information.

The reality, however, is that there are constraints that absolutely must be known and respected. The constraints imposed by Postepay are not stringent, but must be considered in order to never be caught unprepared. Let’s get into the details and discover the main aspects of the card provided by Poste Italiane.

What is the Postepay top-up limit: the information you need to know

Knowing the Postepay top-up limit allows you to make the best use of the card. Let’s start by saying that the maximum amount that can be recharged in a single day is 3,000 euros. This limit applies when the top-up is done exclusively at the post office counter or via a dedicated application.

How much is the top-up limit for the card issued by Poste Italiane – ()

If you usually go to a tobacconist to top up, the limit drops to 997 euros to which you must add the 2 euros of commissions to be paid to the merchant. As regards the maximum annual top-up amount on all PostePay cards registered to the same person, it is 50,000 euros. Precisely for this reason the card can be extremely useful if you carry out minimal operations.

Even those with an IBAN cannot respond to certain requests and if you have much higher holdings it would be advisable to turn your attention to a bank account. Finally, Poste Italiane also offers a version of the PostePay card for teenagers, to be requested with the consent of their parents.

In this case there are other thresholds to consider and they can be checked in real time so as to allow mothers and fathers to monitor the activity of their children and the money on the card. In short, both for those who already own a PostePay and for those who intend to sign up for it, knowing this information is really necessary to have an experience without the slightest error or problem.