Poste Italiane allows you to request the average stock certificate needed to complete the ISEE 2024 free of charge via the web.

The ISEE, we know, is that document that “photographs” the economic and financial situation of a family unit in the previous 12 months. It is essential to be able to access bonuses, benefits and tax breaks.

Average stock certification for ISEE 2024: how to request it online through Poste Italiane without spending a cent – ​​Sjbeez

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to obtain all the documentation necessary to fill out the ISEE, for which a certification of average stock is required for each financial product (current accounts, savings books, prepaid cards with and without IBAN) owned by each member of the family , to be requested at the bank. To speed up times, Poste Italiane has made it possible to request the average stock certification for the ISEE online, directly from the website or via the app. Here’s how this option works.

Isee 2024, how to obtain the average stock certification online for free thanks to Poste Italiane

Anyone who wants to obtain the certification of average stock for ISEE 2024 through the Italian Post Office will simply have to go online and log in with their credentials to the Poste Italiane website.

From the Post Office website or from the app you can quickly request the certification of average stock for ISEE 2024 – Sjbeez

To access there are three ways:

Enter your username and password; Scan the QR Code that appears on the display through the BancoPosta App or Poste Postepay App and perform two-factor authentication; Scan the QR Code and click on the “Log in with Poste ID, SPID enabled” button.

After connecting we will enter the MyPoste reserved section. In the Online Services area we just need to find the “Issuance of Certification for ISEE declaration” button and click on the yellow “Request online” button. At this point we will have to choose the type of certification we need and indicate the email address in case we also want to receive the certification via email.

In a few moments, once all the steps have been completed, we will be able to download the average stock certification. It will be possible to request certification of the average stocks for ISEE 2024 on the and websites also through the Poste Italiane Digital Assistant.

If desired, there is also the possibility of sending a message via WhatsApp to the number 371.5003715. The Italian Post Office apps can be downloaded for free on the App Store or on Google Play. Anyone can use them, you don’t need to have any relationship with the Post Office. Through the Poste Italiane applications you can have something similar to a “portable” post office.