Netflix: a new TV series based on a beautiful book is coming. Here is some info on the new production soon to be streamed

Nostalgia is a very strong feeling. Thinking back to the past helps us see things with new eyes, from another perspective. Or, we often take refuge in nostalgia for the past when the present is too difficult and we need to feel safe. Have you ever looked for something to watch on Netflix, spent hours there and found nothing that convinced you? So what to do if not watch an episode of your favorite series?

A new Netflix series is coming – Sjbeez

If we always watch and rewatch the same shows it’s because we can’t leave our comfort zone and throw ourselves into new things that in the end, we might not even like. Many have understood the winning effect of nostalgia. Especially, in recent times, the entertainment industry. We’ve seen streaming giants take cult films and rework them to turn them into hit series. The most fitting example is certainly that of Kobra Kai, sequel to Karate Kid.

One Day: the TV series based on the film is coming soon

Or we can mention the revival of Gilmore Girls, which arrived almost twenty years after the end of the original series. How wonderful was it to find our favorite characters and places we have always loved? Bringing back to life characters who marked an era can be a guaranteed success, but it can also be a failure. If you deviate too much from the original product, the audience may not be too happy.

Netflix ready to launch the One Day series – photo via Netflix

This is why, when Netflix announced that it wanted to create a series based on the film One Day, everyone turned up their noses a bit. The film based on the novel by David Nichols was one of the most popular of the 2000s. Two very young boys fall in love, and then lose each other forever. We follow their lives over the years, each year on the day they met that first and last time.

A film that gives a poetic and sad perspective on life. The difficulties, the turmoil of 25 years, that very strange yet never severed bond. The two protagonists never leave each other, yet never meet again. The series based on the film will arrive on Netflix on February 8th with a completely new cast. We just have to wait for the broadcast to understand if Netflix has done a good job