For anyone who has interest-bearing coupons from Poste Italiane, it is very important to check the expiry date and not only that: the details.

Poste Italiane and Postal Vouchers, there is an important update provided by the company regarding the prescription of vouchers expiring in 2024. Customers must know some important information that refers to paper postal savings bonds.

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Be careful to check the expiry date of Poste Italiane postal vouchers, because they are no longer interest-bearing if the aforementioned expiry date is reached. After that there is only one possibility for their collection. The same can happen until the date on which the prescription comes into force. There is a simple method to be able to calculate the aforementioned prescription.

And Poste Italiane invites you to implement it for its interest-bearing coupons, therefore advising anyone who has one or more than one whose expiration is approaching to take action. How is the prescription date calculated? Based on the provisions of the art. 6-ter, paragraph 1, Ministerial Decree 6 October 2004, ten years must be calculated from the expiry date of the aforementioned Voucher.

Poste Italiane Interest-bearing Coupons, how to calculate the prescription date

Once the statute of limitations is reached, we find ourselves with a document that has now lost any type of validity. And this means that it will no longer be possible to collect the relevant amount accrued and deposited, if it has not been done before.

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This concerns both the accrued return and the capital paid originally, at the opening. It is also possible to ask for further clarification directly in the office, speaking face to face with one of the operators at a counter of any Poste Italiane point. Alternatively, it is also possible to consult the official PI web portal in the dedicated section on the official website.

It is very important to collect the necessary information in this regard to avoid running into unpleasant surprises. In the past, situations have already occurred in which the holders of vouchers had forgotten that they had expiring vouchers, with the result that it was then necessary to go out of their way to try to recover the amount owed.

Or worse yet, it happened that the expiry date was also passed, without anything being able to be done in this case. Also on the official PI website there is an official document with all the series to check out, for something to do as soon as possible.