Nvidia GPUs are always very popular among those who want to assemble a PC but there is an annoying difference between two models that seem like twins.

If one of your new hobbies for 2024 will be assembling a new PC, you might be thinking that the time has come to do some shopping and buy an Nvidia GPU.

You bought your new Nvidia GPU, what do you need to know if there is this letter in the name – Sjbeez

With the ability to buy from anywhere in the world, finding cheap deals is no longer as difficult as it used to be. But what you risk is thinking that you have made a great deal when in fact you have only ended up at the center of a dispute between world superpowers.

Because the American internal components giant will produce its famous GPUs with two different acronyms, which will go to different markets. The reason is nationalistic. For this reason, if you have bought or want to buy a GPU, pay attention to the acronym that accompanies the model name. You might make a bad discovery.

Why aren’t these Nvidia GPUs identical?

Organizing yourself to have a gaming PC that matches your needs is complicated because you need to evaluate many features of many different products. But, as if that wasn’t enough, in addition to the acronyms that identify the different models present in the same series, we now also have to keep in mind the decisions that the American company takes to keep itself alive and vital on all the markets of the world. As discovered by colleagues at The Verge, Nvidia has in fact apparently been forced to produce a new 4090 for the Chinese market. This is the 4090D.

Two Nvidia GPUs look the same but are not, the acronym to watch – Sjbeez

A graphics card which, following a series of restrictive regulations in terms of the export of American products to China and Russia, will have fewer CUDA cores and less power. If you are afraid of making a mistake you can also check the power absorbed by the component to make sure you are not buying the reduced version for the Chinese market: the RTX 4090D absorbs only 425 W instead of 450 W.

But it is, and the reassurance comes from Nvidia, a reduction in the number of cores which however does not affect real performance too much. The new Nvidia 40 series GPUs will all have higher capabilities to also be able to work with artificial intelligence and the prices will reflect this coming revolution.

Apparently, when the new RTX 4090D arrives on the Chinese market the price will in fact be in line with that of its 450 W American counterpart. In fact, we are talking about over 1800 dollars, almost 13 thousand yuan. And wanting to answer the underlying question that many ask themselves, what is actually the difference between the two models? The model designed for the Chinese market apparently has 5% less speed when it comes to using applications and gaming, which amply justifies Nvidia’s reassuring statements.