OPPO has decided to challenge all the big names in the sector with its new OPPO Pad 2, a tablet that believes itself to be a computer ready for creatives.

The world of portable devices is constantly evolving and the obsession of many big names in the sector is to create hybrid devices, capable of doing multiple things well and expanding the possibilities of use.

OPPO Pad 2, an all-round tablet at an ok price (OPPO photo) – Sjbeez

Among the latest news on the market, it is worth mentioning the release of the new OPPO tablet, simply called OPPO Pad 2. But the simplicity of the nomenclature should not lead one to think that it is a product that has no substance. The Chinese company has in fact decided to aim straight for all those users who have not yet found a device flexible and reliable enough to replace the laptop for everyday tasks. The technical characteristics of the OPPO Pad 2 make it an excellent work companion but not only that.

Why you should think about switching to OPPO Pad 2

The new OPPO tablet has its own dedicated page on the official website where it is possible to evaluate all the technical specifications of the device. Aesthetically, what catches the eye is something that the company has already included in at least a couple of generations of smartphones: the cantilevered rear camera. But it’s not the back, with an elegant three-dimensional design, that you should focus your attention on. OPPO has in fact decided to change the aspect ratio of the tablet to 7:5.

Is OPPO Pad 2 your next tablet? Here are the specifications (OPPO photo) – Sjbeez

Compared to the classic Android tablet, a proportion has been created that more closely resembles books and which, this is OPPO’s promise, allows for easier reading of the contents. The screen is at 144 Hertz surrounded by a Dolby Vision Atmos system while under the body there is a 4 nanometer Mediatek Dimencity 9000 SoC with ultracore at 3.05 GHz. In line with what has already been seen on smartphones, the OPPO Pad 2 tablet is also equipped with battery with ultra-fast charging system capable of accompanying users for an entire day.

But what could make this tablet particularly interesting is the fact that it has been designed to easily transform into a substitute for a laptop. 5G communication and sharing with the smartphone takes place in real time and it is therefore possible to work without lag. By combining it with the smart keyboard, the tablet becomes a comfortable, albeit small, laptop with which you can work anywhere and, very interestingly, the trackpad is touch and perceives the same gestures that you can make when using the tablet without the keyboard.

For creatives, the OPPO Pencil with 2ms of latency and 4096 pressure levels has been added. The product is already available on the official OPPO website and it is possible to purchase it alone or with two bundle options: one contains the OPPO Pencil and the smart keyboard and the 67 W charger, the other contains the charger and smart keyboard. The price of the single product is 579.99 euros.