In 2024 several telephone operators will increase their tariffs. Check that yours is not among the incoming increases.

With the new year, the Befana brought an unwelcome gift for consumers: coal that supposedly increases the price. In many sectors, from transport to food through car insurance, costs will increase in 2024.

The new year opens with increases in the field of telephony – Sjbeez

Another sector that will have to deal with the increases is that of telephone users, both fixed and mobile. Several telephone operators have already announced an increase in tariffs by the first months of 2024. The increases are justified by the need to adjust costs to inflation and with revenues at historic lows for telephone operators.

To stay afloat, companies don’t have many options left and the simplest is to increase rates for customers. Let’s try to understand which companies have raised their rates (or will do so in the next few days).

Telephone operators who have increased prices, here they are

Some operators began raising rates as early as December, others will do so in January or in the next few months. Practically almost all the main fixed line and mobile telephone operators active in our country will increase the rates of some packages or services.

Here are which telephone operators will increase their rates in 2024 – Sjbeez

Let’s start with Tim who increased various landline offers last December: Tim’s price increases range from 1.99 to 5.40 euros per month. Instead, in January the cost of the paper invoice will increase: from 3.90 to 4.95 euros. Increases in January also for Fastweb, which from the beginning of 2024 introduced increases of up to 4.49 euros for some landline customers.

But that’s not all because WindTre (probably in March) will also increase the prices of some landline offers by 2 euros per month. The same goes for Vodafone which from January 13th will increase by around 2 euros on some offers (however, some increases have already occurred in mid-December). PosteMobile is also not missing from the price increases at the beginning of the year: Casa Web has increased since January, going from 19.90 to 22.90 euros per month.

In most cases these unilateral modifications to the contract are triggered at times of the year such as Christmas or August, at times of greatest distraction for users of people who, ignoring the right recognized by law to withdraw from the contract free of charge within 30 days without penalties, end up to accept the contractual changes.

Therefore it is crucial to pay attention to text messages, emails or notifications announcing contractual changes and new prices. It is sufficient to inform the manager that we do not intend to accept the contractual modification. We will then be able to decide whether to close the line or switch to another operator. In both cases for free.