You should never use these products to clean your screens. You could ruin them forever. Here’s what to do to avoid damaging them.

Anyone who works on a computer every day knows how easily it tends to get dirty. Dust and dirt tend to accumulate on its screen, becoming extremely difficult to remove with a single clean cloth. This also happens to other digital devices equipped with a glass or plastic screen, as in the case of the smartphone, the tablet or our television.

How to clean digital screens without damaging them (Sjbeez)

Many times, to be able to clean these electronic devices we tend to use cleaning products which, however, generally turn out to be too aggressive, such as those rich in alcohol which could irreparably damage LCD screens. However, there are simple and super effective methods for cleaning digital screens, thus allowing you to eliminate dirt without damaging the device.

How to clean screens without damaging them

Electronic devices such as smartphones and PCs are used daily by many people and this means that they tend to get dirty very easily. However, they can also be damaged just as easily, perhaps with the simple use of the wrong product for cleaning them.

Clean digital screens with a microfiber cloth (Sjbeez)

If you don’t want to irremediably ruin your screen, just follow a few precautions. First you will need to wipe away the dust using a clean microfibre cloth or chamois cloth. Then comes the time for actual cleaning. You will need to create a solution of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

Lightly soak the microfiber cloth, but leave it damp and not soaked, otherwise you could damage your electronic device. Pass the cloth over the entire surface of the screen and let it dry. The correct movement to avoid damaging the screen during cleaning is to go from top to bottom, without pressing excessively on the screen. If you want, you can speed up the drying with a new dry microfiber cloth, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the screen.

The same mixture can be used to clean other parts of the device as well. In the case of the PC, you can use it to clean the dirtiest parts, such as the keyboard and trackpad which are touched even more than the screen, becoming a real nest of germs and bacteria. Thanks to the presence of alcohol in the mixture, therefore, you will be able not only to eliminate dirt but also to disinfect the most used and touched parts.