Shocking move just announced by Netflix. The streaming platform gets even better and surprises all subscribers.

With 2024 starting about a month ago, the time has come for Netflix to adopt the first strategies designed to be able to grow its business in the new year. There are several projects at stake, ranging from the production of new original content to the inclusion of extra services that go beyond simple streaming and will lead even more consumers to want to sign up for a paid plan among those proposed.

Unexpected turning point for Netflix, big news arrives

While waiting for official news, rumors and leaks have been circulating in recent days regarding what could be the first moves that the American company decides to make. One of these has already become official, and it’s a shocking move that no one expected. We are talking about an absolute turning point for Netflix which is already being welcomed with enthusiasm both by those who are already subscribers and by the undecided who have not yet created a personal account.

Netflix’s turning point: here’s what changes in 2024

Netflix has decided to turn the tables and officially announce the arrival of a new service that is destined to attract even more audiences in 2024. This is a surprise move and one that hasn’t been talked about at all in recent weeks. With a wow effect that was positively received by the community, now even more loyal to the American giant and willing to pay for the subscription.

Netflix turning point: WWE:RAW is coming

We are talking about the new agreement for the broadcasting rights of WWE: RAW, the American wrestling show that has marked more than a generation. Starting from 2025, the American company will have the right to broadcast all the most exciting matches and behind the scenes in the United States, Canada and South America for 10 years. With the aim of being able to soon expand to other countries, including Italy.

According to what Deadline reports, the figure to reach the agreement was 5 billion dollars. Not so high, considering the audience that this turning point will stir and above all the quantity of new content that will arrive within the service.

And it doesn’t end here, because it seems that Netflix is ​​increasingly intent on bringing sports content into its package. In fact, some rumors speak of a possible offer arriving for the acquisition of the American rights to Formula 1.