The Netflix catalog hosts 3 magical and exciting films that you can watch in the company of the little ones: everything about the titles you need to know.

The Netflix platform hosts content suitable for practically all ages, capable of providing unique emotions and memorable moments. The proposed catalog contains films that you can watch in the company of your children because they manage to be magical and surprising.

Netflix offers 3 family-friendly films – ()

The little ones are not always able to follow a film from start to finish, but thanks to some proposals from Netflix this objective could be achieved. The 3 films that will be highlighted shortly manage to capture attention from the first minute and then continue with a plot that has won over more and more people over time.

From these assumptions it is absolutely worth knowing 3 cinematographic works that have stood out in the seventh art. Let’s discover together the films you can watch together with your little ones to create a moment to remember.

The 3 family-friendly Netflix films: memorable titles

The catalog of the Netflix streaming platform is equipped with very high quality content. Each genre has within it titles to watch both for the plot and for the actors and actresses present, a combination that has allowed some products to be appreciated by practically every enthusiast. The 3 family films currently available on the platform fall into this context.

The 3 family films available on the streaming platform – ()

Stuart Little is a film produced in 1999 directed by Rob Minkoff and with a screenplay by M. Night Shyamalan and Greg Brooke. The cast also includes Hugh Laurie, known for his extraordinary performance in Dr. House. The film focuses on the Little family who decides to welcome a new member to give the youngest a few moments of fun.

The second film is Matilda six mythical directed in 1996 by Danny DeVito, based on the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl. The film focuses on a 6-year-old child prodigy who develops unexpected abilities that will be useful to her in everyday life.

Finally we find the fantasy film Peter Pan directed by PJ Hogan in 2003. This film is the cinematic adaptation of the work of the same name by James Matthew Barrie, made on the occasion of the centenary of his debut on the theatrical stage. The plot follows that of the novel but the director’s choices move away from the character of the eternal child, bringing to the stage a Peter Pan dealing with adolescent problems and self-discovery.