There are some essential settings to activate on Netflix for mobile data consumption. Few people know, here’s what you need to do.

Thanks to its convenient app available on smartphones and tablets, Netflix has now become a service that can be accessed whenever and wherever you want. Without the need to necessarily find yourself at home in front of the TV or your PC screen. All you need to do is have an active internet connection, start the application, log in with your account and choose what you want to see.

Use this function to make the most of Netflix on your mobile phone

Nothing could be simpler, except that there is a small detail that is never taken into account: the consumption of mobile data. In fact, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, playing content at too high quality and for prolonged periods could drain the GB you have available with your offer. That’s why you should immediately know these essential settings that few know about, they will save your life.

Mobile data consumption on Netflix: the settings no one knows about

There are some internal settings that you can find on Netflix and which will be very useful if you need to use the service using your mobile data network. By doing so, you will be sure to reduce consumption and therefore be able to enjoy prolonged streaming without having to keep an eye on how much you are consuming. Virtually no one knows, but by following these steps you will access the dedicated section in no time.

Netflix settings dedicated to mobile data consumption

The first thing to do is tap on My Netflix at the bottom right and then go to More with the three vertical dots or the hamburger icon located at the top of the screen. At this point choose the App Settings item, then go to Video playback and finally to Cellular data consumption. Here you can choose between four different mobile data consumption settings.

The first is Automatic, with the app choosing a setting that balances data consumption and video quality. With the possibility of watching around 4 hours with just one Gigabyte consumed. Alternatively there is Wi-Fi Only, which completely blocks playback when you are not connected to a local network. With Data Saver you lower the quality, with 6 hours of streaming per GB of data. Finally, Maximum data use, which takes advantage of the maximum quality available even in 4K and should only be used in the case of an unlimited data plan.