Not just Google Pixel, now Motorola models will also be released with Android 14. Here is the complete list of all the phones.

Few but good. It has always been the manifesto of the Little Green Robot, an operating system that differs from iOS due to the smaller, but still significant, amount of system updates for all devices which, numbers in hand, are the most popular.

Motorola and Razr foldables – photo source:

Announced in April 2023 and officially released in early October 2023, Android 14 was installed first on the Google Pixel series, compatible with devices ranging from the Pixel 4a 5G to the Pixel 7a, including the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Now the time has come to "spread the good news".

By return of post it was Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus’ turn to launch the Android 14 updates, each customized with their respective skins. Now it’s Motorola’s turn: the Lenovo-owned brand has joined the others in starting the implementation of My UX based on Android 14 updates for its smartphones.

Motorola, from the Moto G54 5G to the Edge series, but not only. Many popular devices will have Android 14

Although Motorola initially refrained from confirming the specific smartphones eligible for the Android 14 update, the US brand must have thought better of it, as it has now updated its support page with the full list of devices expected to receive the latest iteration of My UX.

Motorola, the Edge smartphone in magenta color – photo source:

In a positive development for Indian users, Motorola has already started the beta testing phase for Android 14 updates. The Moto G54 5G smartphone, for example, also in India, recently received the Android 14 beta update, which includes the December 2023 security patch and carries the version number U1TD34.68.

While the support page doesn’t provide specific launch timelines, Motorola users can rest assured that OS updates with the robot are on the horizon. The company underlines its commitment to providing the latest software enhancements to its wide range of smartphones, strengthening its position in the competitive smartphone market. The exact timing for the release of the updates is still missing, but the list is already present.

With many very popular models. Devices such as Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, Razr 40 and all 2023 series, Motorola Edge series smartphones (including Edge 40 Neo, Edge 40, Edge 30 Ultra, Edge 30 Pro, Edge 30 Fusion and Edge 30), Moto G84 5G , Moto G54 5G, Moto G73 5G, Moto G13, Moto G14 and Moto G53, including the Motorola Lenovo ThinkPhone, will all receive the latest Android 14 OS update.