Motorola has filed a patent for a smartphone that has never been seen before. Here’s what we know about it.

The technology market is increasingly expanding thanks to the release of new smartphones. We are talking about devices that are exceptional and become better as time goes by. We owe it all to the introduction of spectacular new features that improve them in every way. Companies work hard to please their users at the end of the day. And Motorola is also thinking a lot about it: it is designing a new smartphone.

New smartphone from Motorola: what do we know about it?

Motorola recently filed a patent for the new concept of its next gem. Apparently it is a foldable cell phone equipped with two expandable displays. According to rumors it could be called Motorola Rizr Dual, and it wouldn’t be strange at all if that were the case. The name is more than apt for such a mobile phone. But that’s not what surprised everyone, as the company appears to be working on more devices.

Motorola files a new patent, it will be a spectacular device: fans in hype

In particular, he is designing cell phones that will then be assembled together. They can be opened in such a way as to increase the size of the screen. In this way it will be possible to obtain a good compromise between compactness and screen. It is thought that the display will be large enough to cover an area at least four times larger (than when folded that is).

This is what Motorola’s next smartphone will look like

What features stand out for this new smartphone? The double folding housing certainly does not go unnoticed. In fact, this device presents a unique design thanks to this external function. It will be able to maintain a compact shape even in the closed position, and then expand large when opened.

Let’s not forget the intelligent controller, which is a sensor that detects the position of the device and responds with the correct commands. There are also some rather interesting translation mechanisms. They work together to extend the blade assemblies, which are equipped with flexible displays in their own right. They contribute to the extension of the device screen in a nutshell.

The release date of this incredible smartphone is still unknown. However, the possibility that it will be presented at the next Mobile World Congress cannot be ruled out. We’ll see what surprises Motorola has in store for us later.