What if 2024 was the year in which Microsoft decided to embrace the turning point that many are already seeing? End of the console war forever?

In the future, might we perhaps no longer have to talk about what is now still defined as the console war mainly between Microsoft and Sony, and therefore between Xbox and Playstation with Nintendo continuing to look out the window and crunch numbers?

Xbox on Playstation and Switch? A move suggests this – Sjbeez

In fact, there seem to be some signs that various analysts and speculators are connecting together like the dots of that game on Settimana Enigmistica and what should emerge, as a final image, should be an end to the direct clash between console manufacturers.

The end would come from a decision that Microsoft, this is the reasoning, may have already taken some time ago and the first effects would be there for all to see. However, there are many other questions that would need to be answered if this prediction came true.

Microsoft together with Playstation and Nintendo without any more consoles?

For years now, all the main Microsoft representatives have underlined how the company’s activity as a whole aims to bring the games of the Xbox ecosystem to anything with a screen and no longer just to those who physically buy the console. For now, this idea has been transformed into Game Pass which, despite a series of problems that still sometimes block the experience, actually allows you to play by simply connecting the device with a screen to the internet and switching from the browser.

Xbox without console and everything in the cloud? The idea of ​​some analysts – Sjbeez

This therefore allows for example to play also through Playstation and Nintendo despite there being no dedicated apps for them. And even on this idea the future could be different. The reflection is for example that of Max Piscatella, who underlines how many fans are now convinced that to play you need to own the Xbox console, when in fact it is just a convenient but not essential accessory.

Another signal, in addition to the presence of the Game Pass, would be the idea of ​​bringing games created as exclusives to other platforms. There has been a lot of talk about Hi-Fi Rush which just the other day was supposed to be arriving on Nintendo Switch and which now seems to be in development, but we are still among the rumors, to arrive on PlayStation 5 but not on Switch.

The transition of exclusives to another platform is seen by some as a sign that Xbox no longer has much interest in keeping its games closed within its ecosystem and could indeed decide to take the path of abandoning hardware production and becoming a simple publisher .

So will Microsoft abandon consoles to place its app everywhere? For now we can only speculate. Going against the trend, let’s remember that, in one of the well-known enigma photos of him, Phil Spencer himself a few weeks ago accidentally framed what should instead be the expression of the idea of ​​a portable console in an Xbox environment.