Microsoft has decided to provide users with free access to an interesting service. Joy among users: that’s what it’s all about.

Microsoft is among the leading companies in its sector, thanks to the countless amount of services it offers to users all over the world. Over the years, many of the company’s services have become paid services but this time the opposite path has been achieved: one has become accessible to all.

Microsoft has decided to provide a service to users completely free of charge – ()

There are so many users who use at least one Microsoft product every day. Over time, the company has increasingly welcomed new customers through a convincing proposal capable of satisfying any need, both on a professional and private level.

This time the American company has decided to provide a reading tutor based on Artificial Intelligence for free. Reading Coach is in fact accessible free of charge on the internet to any user requesting this type of service: let’s find out together how it works and how to access it.

Microsoft makes Reading Coach free: how the AI-based reading tutor works

After making the Office package paid, Microsoft has decided to make Reading Coach free. The application is already accessible for free online, with a native version for Windows expected very soon. Additionally, Microsoft itself announced that Reading Tutor will integrate with learning management systems, including services like Canva.

Microsoft has made the Reading Coach service free – YT Photo: @MicrosoftEDU – ()

Reading Coach, based on Reading Progress, is a plugin for the Microsoft Teams version that focuses on the topic of education. The launch occurred during 2022 as part of Teams for Education and Immersive Reader, the company’s cross-platform assistive service for language and reading comprehension.

The goal of the American company’s service is to develop students’ reading fluency through personalized exercises based on Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the app works by identifying, after recording the reading of a text, the words with which students have difficulty.

Recently, the service rolled out a feature called "Choose Your Story," powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI. The feature allows students to create their own narrative adventure starting from a character, an environment and a reading level. The AI ​​then generates the content based on the choices and terms that the student finds most complicated.

Therefore, with Reading Coach we propose an attempt aimed at making reading more personalized and engaging, taking advantage of the help of Artificial Intelligence. This service can provide the right help to many students who currently have difficulty with certain areas.