Meta is now really fed up and is ready to impose limits on Instagram and Facebook. There will be several users damaged: the news.

Over the last ten years, social networks have become part of our daily lives. Today it seems almost unthinkable to spend a day without checking our feed. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, social networks are fueled by human curiosity, ready to find out what is happening to another user or to always be updated on the latest world events.

Meta imposes new limits on users –

At the head of almost all social networks we obviously find Meta, ready to manage millions of accounts, opposed only by ByteDance with its TikTok and by Musk’s X. Recently, Zuckerberg’s group wanted to launch a new portal for all lovers of this world, which takes the name of Threads. The new social network was an immediate success among the youngest users and in a week it reached 100 million users.

There is no big news for people, given that it is a Twitter in Meta sauce, where users will be able to transfer followers directly from Instagram. Now, however, the leading company of most of the social networks in the world has decided to put a limit on some users.

Meta says stop, limits increase on Instagram and Facebook: the users involved

Meta has announced the implementation of new controls aimed at protecting teens online. The initiative aims to guarantee greater safety and protection of the younger user group on both platforms. The two social networks are therefore ready to introduce stricter limits on the content that teenagers can access.

Who will be the users harmed by the new rules –

The giant therefore underlined that more restrictive measures regarding content will be adopted for teenagers’ profiles. The company itself will then guide subscribers through new notifications, providing detailed information on privacy measures and offering intuitive menus to easily update settings.

The company has renewed its ongoing commitment to consulting with experts in adolescent development, psychology and mental health. Collaboration will allow platforms to be more appropriate. The new controls also include improvements in content recommendation mechanisms, known as "Sensitive Content Control" on Instagram and "Reduce" on Facebook.

These features make it more difficult for users, especially teenagers, to come across potentially sensitive content or accounts in the Search and Explore sections. A key aspect of these updates concerns the management of research related to sensitive topics such as suicide, self-harm and eating disorders. In this way Meta therefore intends to protect its younger audience.