If you choose a desktop PC to work, pay attention to eye strain and eye health. Choose your device carefully.

For those who decide to work and need a computer that travels with them, the choice is obviously that of laptops in which the screen is an integral part of the machine. However, this does not mean that you cannot take care of the health of your eyes if you spend many hours on the PC but the way you take care of your eyes is different if you have a desktop or a laptop.

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Although they are perhaps not as popular as before, desktop computers are still found in many offices and there are also many professionals who have their own workstation with a desktop PC. For these users, what you can do in terms of eye health is to choose a monitor that is equipped with some specific features.

With the aim of reducing the stress and fatigue generated by the many hours spent working. The question then becomes: how do you recognize a good screen? Is it a question of price or are there other features that need to be evaluated? Let’s try to answer.

Help for your desktop PC screen

If you have a laptop you may be thinking you need a second screen because the one supplied isn’t the best and our guide to the best desktop PC screens can help. The first feature is to ensure that the text on the screen is reproduced in a way that does not tire the eyes. A font that is too small can be a problem in the long run and for this reason it is always a good idea, regardless of the machine, to adjust the font to be comfortable. Likewise, make sure the backlight is adequate but not excessive.

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Color temperature can also be an important detail. In fact, we hear more and more often about the so-called blue light and this is why many manufacturers of computers, independent screens and operating system developers are now trying to reduce the impact of blue light in various ways. When choosing your computer, pay attention to this detail of the screen too.

We now come to how to orient yourself in the choice. Let’s take as an example one of the products considered among the best ever for those looking for something to help them endure hours of work: the 27-inch BenQ EW2780Q. What makes this BenQ monitor one of the most popular is the Eye-Care Technology: blue light reduction and flicker-free image reproduction.

But this screen goes even further, as it features an infrared sensor that can gauge how long you’ve been staring at the monitor and helps with visual reminders that it’s time to take a break. The adaptive brightness system is also very useful which, as happens with smartphones, adapts to the light in the work area.