Music to parents’ ears: here is the website where you make your drawings animated for the joy of the little ones. Free and safe.

There is no point, unfortunately or rightly, in hiding your devices from children, even the youngest ones: they are born faster in thinking than their parents, they will certainly find a way to find them and try them without your knowledge. Which is worse.

The wonders of technology, even for the little ones – Sjbeez

Better to get them used to managing a device right away, especially a smartphone at the beginning, explaining its use, using it together with them, channeling them towards sites more congenial to them. The risk of addiction (and danger) is very high. Real. How equally sacrosanct is it to let them experience our time. Present and presumably future time. Just educate them about technology.

They will discover a vast world, as dangerous as it is extraordinary, with you by their side nothing can happen to them. From the general to the particular it is a short step, just think of the drawings of our children, or of children in general. They have wonderful inventiveness, energy and variety. And if they could transform their drawing by making it animated: what would their feeling be? There is a website that is making even the littlest ones happy.

The website for kids and parents: a demo and endless ways to have fun (together)

It’s called, a free website that allows parents and adults to convert children’s two-dimensional drawings into fun animations. Easy to use, there’s no need for a social account, so to speak. It is a demo that is based on an algorithm: Detectron2 and AlphaPose, whose motion capture data comes from CMU Graphics Motion Capture Lab and Mixamo.

Website for the little ones 2.0 – photo source: – Sjbeez

Built by Jesse Smith, Jessica Hodgins, Somya Jain, Sahir Gomez, Somayan Chakrabarti, Clarence Edmondson III, Christopher Gustave, Kristin Cooke, Qingyuan Zheng, Yifei Li. Obviously Meta AI Research had a hand in it. But nothing seems to. Simply upload an image of a drawing, no information required, either of you or your children/children, even the drawing itself will be retained for a short period of time, after which it will be permanently deleted “if you do not agree to contribute it to a set of public data" the creators of the website say.

The image of the drawing can be shared on social media, or not. There are two possibilities for using this website absolutely free: by uploading a drawing you have made and following the instructions on the initial screen, or to avoid problems, you can use the default drawings already present in the demo. The rest comes by itself.