LG has officially presented its new audio amplifier. It’s called DukeBox and it has some features that are innovative.

Let’s prepare for a new era when it comes to audio amplifiers. In fact, LG recently decided to present DukeBox, a device that is incredible and has been able to attract the interest of enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts right from the start. Due to some features in particular that already have the feel of innovation and will certainly move the market in the coming months.

LG presented its new DukeBox audio amplifier

LG has “smartly” decided to intercept a type of market that is constantly growing. There are more and more people who are focusing on the type of audio quality that can be reproduced by computers, smartphones, Smart TVs and so on. And so increasingly powerful soundbars, latest generation headphones, speakers with very high standards and so on are emerging. But let’s see in detail what LG DukeBox consists of and why it could also be right for you.

LG DukeBox: features of the new audio amplifier

Lg’s new DukeBox is an audio amplifier never seen before and which promises to be revolutionary for the sector. Thanks to some unique components capable of attracting consumer interest right now. On an aesthetic level, it looks like a valve system that integrates a transparent OLED screen.

What we already know about the new LG Dukebox audio amplifier (LG screenshot)

The latter is used to create a sort of showcase, which will have the task of showing the thermionic valves of the section and at the same time allowing you to view the interface and some data of the music that is being reproduced. To date we only have one image of it, and we still don’t know all the details of this device.

Most likely the transparency will be adjustable and the screen can also be used for video playback. It remains to be understood whether only on a music platform or also for streaming services. According to some experts, the audio system will have two front speakers in the lower part, to which other speakers must be added in the rear part. With the aim of having 360 degree sound.

If everything goes as planned, however, more information will be available during the CES 2024 in Las Vegas scheduled for the next few days. With the official presentation event which will give us the opportunity to have the complete technical data sheet of this powerful audio amplifier at hand. As well as news on the price and launch date.