An LG notebook with an Intel i7 processor is at its historic low: the price has a discount of €700, the offer is not to be missed.

The notebook sector is also made up of situations that very strongly attract the attention of users, especially for those who are considering the purchase of a new device. In recent weeks, a truly incredible offer has emerged because it combines substantial savings with the quality of the LG device.

Historic low for an LG notebook – Facebook logo photo: LGitalia – ()

Those who know this sector know how the prices of portable PCs increase based on the characteristics, and in some cases reach and exceed 2,000 euros. This demonstrates the great production quality of companies in this area, even if sustaining such an expense is not at all easy.

In this context comes an LG notebook with an Intel i7 processor recently offered on offer. The list price exceeds 2,000 euros but today it is possible to find it with a discount of 700 euros. Let’s go into the details of the offer and discover a device that could represent a postponed Christmas gift.

LG notebook offer, 700 euro discount: unrepeatable opportunity

On the web there are many sites that from time to time offer users offers that leave their mark. In this case Amazon stands out again with an LG notebook exclusively on the most well-known e-commerce in the world. In fact, on offer there is LG Gram 17Z90R with 17-inch Anti-Glare IPS display weighing just 1.35kg.

LG Gram PC on sale – Amazon website photo – ()

The LG notebook on offer on the Amazon website has an Intel EVO 17-1360P processor, 16GB DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD. The graphics card is an Intel Iris Everything is contained under a gray body, worked down to the smallest details.

The DTS audio sector features an X Ultra which offers immersive immersion with or without headphones thanks to the 4 Watt speaker. Connectivity is equipped with an Intel WiFi 6 AX211 system and a Bluetooth 5.1 module. On the device we also find an HDMI input, two USB 3.2 ports, two USB C/Thunderbolt ports, a MicroSD input and the classic audio jack for headphones.

The price of this important device is dropping sharply at the moment. Amazon highlights that the previous lowest price was 2,099 euros but now it is possible to purchase the LG notebook at a price of 1,399.99 euros in the version just described.