Kindle evolution: digital readers are now a thing of the past, not everyone is aware of this new reality.

Kindle is the favorite product for readers to be able to read their books anywhere. The company producing the digital reader is Amazon, the online sales giant. It was initially launched only on the US market and subsequently introduced worldwide in 2009.

Amazon Kindle – Sjbeez

It immediately became a great novelty for reading lovers, being an alternative and more practical option but above all much less cumbersome. In fact, you can enter your readings inside this small tablet without having to carry heavy paper manuscripts.

Kindle: the novelty known to few

Following the classic device, Amazon has released the Kindle Scribe, the first e-book reader from the US digital giant that also allows you to write by hand on the screen. It is an ebook reader with a 10.2-inch Carta e-ink panel, with a resolution of 300 ppl (pixels per inch), 16-level gray scale and front lighting.

The design is very similar to that of Apple iPads, except for the materials which are aluminum and plastic and for the silky surface of the tablet. It maintains the same composition as the classic readers: Wi-Fi 5 support, USB-C port for charging and 16,32 and 64 GB versions with autonomy for reading up to 12 weeks and for writing up to 3 weeks. The novelty that distinguishes this device is the pen which does not require any configuration but does everything autonomously and can be stored on the side. In the premium version with the pen there is also a pressure cap that works as an eraser. While for the standard version we will have 5 different tips available for writing.

Kindle Scribe – Sjbeez

With the basic version of the Kindle, Amazon has always tried to maintain and improve the feeling of classic reading of books, despite using a digital device. Even with the Kindle Scribe, which doesn’t just involve writing, he tried to pursue his goal. In fact Scribe has a wide choice of intensity and color levels. The main peculiarity of the version are the 35 perimeter LEDs in the frame. However, by adding writing, they worked hard to make it as faithful as possible by attributing noise and touch similar to that of a pen writing on paper.

In conclusion, both reading and writing are very satisfying and, in order not to leave out that extra gem, it will be possible to attach notes to the documents or books you read. At the moment it represents the best product for amateur reading lovers and also for those who study and need to take notes.

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