With the backing of Jeff Bezos, a well-known startup has what it takes to challenge Google’s long-standing dominance.

The rivalry between big tech companies seems to know no peace. Although business is definitely going well for everyone, companies like Amazon, Google and Meta are constantly looking for innovations that will allow them to overtake competitors in one or more sectors.

The former Amazon CEO is ready to counter Google in the sector in which it is a leader (Instagram photo @jeffbezos) – Sjbeez

Jeff Bezos, founder and ex-president of Amazon, has recently made a lot of headlines as he is apparently ready to invest in a particular startup to try to compete with Google. The new application that has captured the interest of the billionaire because it operates in a very particular sector: that of online search, an area long controlled by Google, which now however may no longer be so safe.

Bezos bets on the end of Google and traditional search engines

At the center of the news is the name of Perplexity AI, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to change the way we search for information on the internet. With a significant investment of $74 million, Bezos raised the value of Perplexity AI to an impressive valuation of $520 million. But what makes Perplexity so unique and potentially revolutionary?

The value of Perplexity.ai suddenly skyrocketed after Bezos’ investment (Instagram photo @perplexity.ai) – Sjbeez

Traditionally, search engines like Google provide a series of links in response to users’ searched words. Perplexity AI takes a different approach: It answers users’ questions directly with full text answers, rather than simple website links. This approach simplifies the search process for the user, providing concise and direct information.

The driving force behind Perplexity AI is OpenAI’s GPT technology, the same AI behind the success of ChatGPT. The startup currently has a team of fewer than 40 people based in San Francisco, but Bezos’ interest is expected to significantly grow its workload.

Of course, overthrowing a giant like Google will not be an easy task: Perplexity AI still has a long and difficult road to travel before it can truly challenge the tech giant, but the support of an investor of the caliber of Jeff Bezos and his technology cutting edge make her a promising candidate. The ability to provide direct text answers, rather than links, could appeal to users looking for a faster, more intuitive search experience.