The next iOS update will make your iPhone thief-proof. With this functionality no one will be able to steal it, users will be more relaxed.

Apple is working day and night on the next iOS updates. The smartphone operating system reached version 17 last autumn, with several improvements introduced both in terms of interface and internal features. But as often happens, before the advent of iOS 18 there will be many periodic updates to resolve bugs and introduce extra tools.

Apple’s new update makes the iPhone thief-proof

And that’s exactly what will happen in the coming weeks. According to what some experts have gathered, in fact, version 17.3 of iOS will have – among other things – an additional feature that will be thief-proof. Once activated, users will no longer have to fear anything should malicious people manage to get their hands on your iPhone. Here’s what it is, the update is currently in Beta 3 phase.

iPhone Update: With this tool no one will be able to steal it

There is less and less left for the global and permanent rollout of iOS 17.3. The latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system has now reached Beta 3. And if the timing is respected, the final release will be as early as February. Which is attracting consumer interest in a particular feature.

iOS 17.3 version has an anti-thief function for iPhones

That is, the “Stolen Device Protection” which, as can be seen from the name, is designed to protect owners of Apple smartphones in the event of theft. Once activated, you will be able to limit access to private information by the thieves who carried out the theft. So that you will be able to enjoy an additional level of security for some sensitive operations in particular.

Such as accessing personal iCloud Keychain passwords and deactivating Lost Mode. And so as not to miss anything, the possibility of making purchases via Safari will also be limited. For all of these features, Face ID or Touch ID will be required. While the Passcode alone will no longer be sufficient.

As explained by Apple, there are some advanced verification functions that can only be activated one hour after unlocking. So that users will have the time necessary to notice the theft and therefore start the Stolen Device Protection. For example, we talk about changing the Apple ID password and Passcode. All this is already available in the iPhone Settings for developers who have beta 3 of iOS 17.3, and will be expanded to everyone in the coming weeks.