There is a trick to make the most of the iPhone lock screen. Up until now you have always been wrong, here’s what to know.

Thanks to the latest iOS updates released by Apple, the iPhone lock screen can now enjoy a long series of different features. Which guarantee practically total customization, both in terms of widgets and fonts, images to be set as background and so on. A path taken by the Cupertino OEM which wants to guarantee more and more freedom to every single consumer.

The trick to best use the iPhone lock screen

But perhaps we are not yet using it correctly. In fact, you should know that there is a brilliant trick that allows you to use it to the fullest. If you do this you have always made a mistake, as reported by several experts in the sector. Here’s an extra convenience that you should try today to take advantage of everything that Apple thought of when it launched the new Lock Screen customization features. You will be amazed by its potential.

iPhone lock screen: here’s a trick to make the most of it

Until now, you may have used the iPhone lock screen incorrectly. This was pointed out by some experts, who discovered a trick to take the iPhone’s Lock Screen to the next level after the latest update to iOS 17. You will be speechless by what you can do, just follow this guide and you’re done.

The brilliant trick to use on the iPhone lock screen

Among other things, in fact, there is a widget that is crazy and you can install right now in a few simple steps. That is, Live Activities, capable of offering real-time information on any ongoing event. Such as the scores of a football match you are interested in, or timely updates on food deliveries.

"Live Activities is a feature that helps users stay up to date on what is happening in real time. It’s all directly on the lock screen” we read on Apple’s dedicated page. If you are interested and want to add this widget to your Lock Screen, you must first press and hold on the lock screen until the Customize button appears.

At this point, press the box above or below the time – based on your preferences – to decide where to add Live Activities. Just find it and then drag it to the chosen position. And that’s it, you will have everything at your fingertips always and in real time.