You have an iPhone and you have a PC running Windows. How do you make the connection between iPhone and PC? There’s an easy trick that won’t make you miss your Mac.

You are a happy Windows PC user but you have decided that as smartphones Apple products have something more and therefore you find yourself, like many other users like you, in the situation of being a hybrid between an Apple operating system and a Microsoft operating system.

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Apple has always had the passion to create its own closed and cuddly ecosystem in which devices communicate like a happy family. But it is not strictly necessary to also have a Mac to be able to use what is on the smartphone with peace of mind on the computer.

Because, although the technology behind the iPhone, iPad and Mac is different under the body, all the devices are the same and use the same connection systems in Riva’s time. And by taking advantage of one of these connection systems you can create your own hybrid ecosystem with Windows PC and iPhone. There is a simple trick you need to know it’s a very easy procedure.

iPhone and Windows PC connection, everything is possible

As we mentioned, under the appearance of systems incapable of communicating with each other, there are some things that Apple products and all the others have in common, therefore also Windows ones. What you need to do is take advantage of these commonalities to create the connection between iPhone and PC. The trick is to use Bluetooth which is present in Apple smartphones and all PCs.

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However, before moving on to see how to create the connection via Bluetooth, there is a preliminary step you need to do, which is to make sure that both the PC and the smartphone are updated. Keep in mind that the connection with the PC will take place using the system called phone link but it only supports iOS 14 or higher. Once you have updated your iPhone, make sure you also update Windows so that you have the latest version of iPhone link available.

Now activate the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone and make sure the device is visible. Now you can open the linked app and start the connection. Contact between iPhone and PC occurs by associating the two devices via Bluetooth with the recognition of a QR code which serves to authorize the iPhone as a device. Once your iPhone and Windows PC are paired, you can manage everything that arrives on your phone: notifications, phone calls, messages and use your iPhone as if you were a PC app.

If you have followed the entire procedure and connected your iPhone to your Windows PC you will have noticed that there is an option that also allows you to use any Android device. So if you decide to change devices or in addition to having an iPhone you also have a product that runs Android, simply follow the same procedure again by activating the connection with Android.