The iPhone has ended up in chaos because it seems that some apps are able to collect data during notifications.

Apparently some apps that can be installed on Apple devices secretly collect user data. This risk occurs when you receive notifications. This is a decidedly alarming discovery.

Apps that collect data

The disturbing discovery about iPhone apps was made by security researchers, according to whom some applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, X and many others collect data in hidden ways.

iPhone: Some apps collect data during notifications

Some security researchers have conducted tests on iPhone apps. What they discovered is disconcerting: some applications collect information during the notification phase, attracting privacy rules.

Conducted tests on iPhone apps

To avoid this, some users close apps, preventing systems from collecting data in the background. However, it should be specified that the information collected is not necessary for the processing of notifications, but is used to carry out marketing tests, with the aim of monitoring users on the various applications.

As we well know, the applications we use on our smartphones are able to collect data on our interests, with the aim of proposing ad hoc advertising campaigns, offering the very products that interest us most. What the researchers discovered, however, is that this operation happens even when you ignore the notifications and therefore do not decide to open the message.

As stated by Tommy Misk himself who conducted the test: "Who would have imagined that an innocuous action, as simple as ignoring a notification, would trigger the sending of a lot of information". This is a truly controversial and potentially dangerous situation for everyone’s privacy.

Faced with this heavy accusation, the spokespersons of Meta and Linkedin also intervened, categorically denying that they collect data to be used for promotional purposes or for inappropriate purposes. In particular, the spokesperson for the LinkedIn platform specified that the data is used only for the purpose of ensuring the correct functioning of notifications.

Furthermore, the note also states that the company follows all Apple developer guidelines. This isn’t the first time research tests have highlighted issues with Apple’s data acquisition. Yet its claim tries to make millions of users believe that “what happens on the iPhone, stays on the iPhone”. But will it really be like this?