The additional button could be the big news of iPhone 16. Here’s what it will actually be used for, users are already over the moon.

The first rumors are starting to emerge regarding what could be the main innovations arriving with the iPhone 16. Apple has been working for some time with its team of developers and engineers on the iPhone of the future, which should integrate very interesting additions both in terms of two standard models and Plus and for the top of the range Pro and Pro Max.

The iPhone 16 could have an additional button

And there is talk of changes that could mainly affect the hardware sector, with a renewed processor and some reinterpretations in terms of design. In addition to the usual additions on the software side, with iOS 18 which will be released in September and is already piquing the interest of enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Among other things, there is talk of an additional button that could be integrated into the body of the iPhone. Here’s what it will really be used for, it could be an absolute turning point.

iPhone 16, what the new additional button will be used for

If everything is confirmed, the new iPhone 16 could be presented to the general public with a new additional button. A change of direction compared to the past which is already attracting the interest of consumers and could have a very interesting and useful use every day.

iPhone 16 will have a secret button

MacRumors, one of the most authoritative sources regarding the Apple world, reported the news in preview. According to rumors, iPhone 16 will have an additional capacitive button. Which is called Capture, with the code name Project Nova. Unlike the iPhone 15, this button will be capacitive and not mechanical. Therefore managing to identify and decipher the user’s pressure without there being mechanical movements. Then providing a response in haptic feedback.

Positioned at the height of the 5G mmWave antenna of the latest iPhones, it now remains to understand what it will be used for. Some leakers have compared it to the Home button on the iPhone SE, but in reality it should be designed to make using the Camera app more intuitive. So you can shoot videos and take photographs with the help of a physical button.

There are also those who claim that the Capture button can be programmed by the user, just as we saw this year with the Action button. But at the moment there are few confirmations, also because it would be detrimental to have two customizable buttons. We’ll see what happens, we’ll talk about it again over the next few months. Looking forward to the presentation event which will take place in autumn 2024.