Intel has managed to outdo even itself with a new service that enhances the performance of CPUs already on the market: what is Apo.

For several years now, Intel has represented excellence when it comes to the technical specifications to choose when assembling a PC. Whether for gaming, for work or even just for fun, the tech giant has a long list of CPUs and components in its product park that manage to satisfy millions of consumers every year.

Intel has a secret for boosting its CPUs

This is why you should always stay informed about the latest market developments to find offers and take home the best there is at very low costs. Intel itself continues to remain focused on what the needs expressed by the community are. And then act accordingly.

There has been particular talk recently about a new upgrade wanted by the company, which thought it would even surpass itself with a new upgrade to the performance of its CPUs. How? With the introduction of Apo, a new technology that was widely talked about during the last CES 2024 which was held in Las Vegas.

Intel introduces Apo for its CPUs: here’s what will change

This is an important innovation destined to be discussed for a long time to come. Thanks to Apo, Intel wanted to further improve its CPUs already on the market to guarantee top-of-the-range performance that cannot be found anywhere else. It was discussed during CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the perfect opportunity to give the tech giant the opportunity to speak to enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

What is Intel’s Apo and how can it be used by gamers

The App is nothing other than the acronym for Application Optimization Technology, a technology that will allow users to increase frame rates in supported games without having to spend any extra costs. This is a feature that has always been very popular with gamers, who will thus be able to enjoy better performance for their CPUs already assembled on PCs.

As mentioned, this feature was already available. But only for 14th generation and later processors. However, the community’s complaints “forced” Intel to take a step back, thus deciding to expand support for Apo also for 12th and 13th generation processors.

And that’s not all, because there will be 14 new titles added to the list and can now be played using this innovative system capable of providing performance that has never been so efficient. We’ll see if this will be a positive choice for the big tech business.