An important new function arrives on Instagram, to protect young people: it is Nighttime Nudges. Here’s what it is.

The world of social media has now taken over the lives of all of us. More or less, 4 out of 5 people in Europe use social networks, whether for work or just for personal purposes. And among some of them, certainly one that has almost taken hegemony is Instagram. A social network that has been a watershed in recent years in the way of communicating, and which has introduced new functions which have then been introduced in other social networks.

New Instagram function to protect kids – Sjbeez

We find extremely interesting content, as well as others that are decidedly less suitable, particularly for certain age groups. And we often can’t even count the time we “waste” on social media. Sometimes, too much, and it is necessary to protect the youngest in particular. That’s why the Nighttime Nudges feature was introduced. But what is it?

Nighttime Nudges: what exactly is it for?

When we use Instagram, we have the ability to monitor our usage time and set a maximum threshold. Once that threshold is exceeded, our app will automatically stop letting us log in until the counter is reset again. After that, we will be able to access it again.

Instagram: here is the new function to protect teenagers – Sjbeez

But it is young people in particular, specifically adolescents, who use this social network massively and too often it is a source of distraction. That’s why the Nighttime Nudges feature was introduced. This function was created to instill in young people the correct use and awareness of social media. But how does it work, and for which age group in particular is it aimed?

When the teenage user (who according to Instagram should be less than or equal to 18 years old) spends too much time between reels and posts (it is estimated at least ten consecutive minutes), the app will pause. A Time for a break? message will appear on the screen, or it will go directly into Nighttime Nudges mode. The app will actually advise the user to take a break and go to sleep.

The function should only be enabled for users under the age of 18, trying to favor and protect the quality of children’s sleep. In fact, the silent function has also been introduced which, once a certain time slot is set, will deactivate all notifications to prevent our sleep from being disturbed.