The hidden words on Instagram are a convenience that you should learn to exploit to really use the social app to the fullest and safely.

You can find everything on social media because, like giant virtual squares, everyone can have their say, post a photo, put a video or sing a song. A situation that allows someone to become famous.

Instagram is safer if you activate hidden words – Sjbeez

These are the so-called influencers who transform their opinions into a full-fledged profession. But it is precisely the absolute and almost total freedom found on social media that every now and then generates embarrassing if not downright dangerous situations. For this reason, on Instagram there is a function called hidden words.

It allows you to browse your favorite image social network without having to encounter content that you don’t want to see, that you don’t like or that you find offensive. Image-based social media has its own guidelines but making everyone respect them is complicated and this is why doing a little personalization work can be the ideal solution.

Why you need to know the hidden words of Instagram

As we mentioned, Instagram is a large free space but in addition to all the honest users who try to share their lives with others who have the same hobbies or passions as them, there are also all those scam accounts that are set up just to steal the personal information of users who are a little more naive or who try to attract victims to other sites outside the community.

Instagram helps you protect your children, use this function – Sjbeez

Instagram guidelines are quite strict but making everyone respect them is not easy. To add an extra layer of protection what you can do is work on your list of hidden words. It involves creating a real list of words that you don’t want to see and which automatically hide the posts or comments in which they appear.

To create a list that works, think about the content you don’t want to see and the words connected to this content. You can thus filter what you consider offensive or dangerous and not only on your version of the app but also, for example, on the app that your children have installed on their mobile phones. The procedure does not change. Open the app and activate the privacy zone in the settings menu.

Among the privacy options there is an item dedicated to hidden words and Instagram allows you to choose where to look for these words to hide the content: in comments or messages. At least once in our lives we all receive message requests from accounts we don’t know, which are clearly spam or which are trying to attract users to platforms with questionable reputations.

Before blocking and deleting these messages, if you receive them, it is worth reading them to be able to understand some terms that you can add to the list of hidden words to put Instagram in a position to block everything automatically for you.