A tech company has planned the launch of a super offer for its new smartphone: you have to hurry, it’s only active for a few days.

The arrival of the new year is a prelude to many new things in the field. As early as this January, many companies will bring one or more devices to the market, as happened recently. A few days ago the first smartphone of 2024 arrived linked to a truly interesting launch offer.

Incredible offer on a new smartphone – ()

More and more companies are trying to gain the interest of potential buyers through launch promotions full of new features. In this case the company protagonist of the offer not only provides a substantial discount voucher but also a surprise that should not be underestimated at all.

What the Asian company has prepared is connected to a smartphone that has already received positive opinions from tech experts. Let’s go into details to discover the nature of this launch offer which could interest many users looking for a new device.

Super launch offer for the new Honor Magic6 Lite: the details of the promotion

Honor decided to present its brand new Magic6 Lite on January 2, 2024 and immediately launch an interesting promotion on its official website. Two additional elements that could definitively convince possible buyers to purchase the device.

The launch promo on Honor Magic6 Lite – IG photo: @honor_italia – ()

In Honor’s launch promo there is a discount voucher worth 50 euros and a very particular cover with a “Dias de los muertos” style design. With the discount coupon you will be able to get the new Honor at a price of 349.99 instead of 399.99 euros in the 8/256GB version, while with the available cover you will be able to protect the device from the first moment and with a certain style.

The Honor Magic6 Lite fully fits into the mid-range devices even if it offers higher level features compared to other smartphones in the same range. Among the strong points of this device are the ultra-resistant AMOLED curved display and the 180MP camera. The screen is 6.78″ with a resolution of 1220 x 2652 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Among the various interesting ideas that make up the new device from the Chinese company we find the five-star certification for anti-fall resistance given by SGS. A result achieved thanks to the implementation of the technology that Honor has called “Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop”. In short, the new smartphone proves to be solid and capable of handling many situations, and with the launch offer it can certainly represent a valid option.