Qualcomm is one of the largest technology companies in the world and has promised a revolution within the reach of smartphones.

Every year new smartphone models are proposed that have little or nothing new compared to previous models and Apple customers now know this very well.

The smartphone revolution arrives in 2024 – Sjbeez

However, Qualcomm has decided to focus everything on the new generation of Android phones, which, thanks to a long series of new sensors, will be able to do everything (and even more).

What will smartphones do in 2024?

Personal assistant – Qualcomm promises that its next smartphones will be able to use artificial intelligence to create a virtual assistant capable of searching for information in real time on the internet and interacting with us through an avatar extremely similar to a real human.

Smartphones will do everything in 2024 – Sjbeez

Create videos with voice commands – Again thanks to artificial intelligence, phones will be able to create videos of the established length by assembling images or videos belonging to a certain category such as “video of my dog” or “photos of my friends” and so Street. To do this, simply express the request orally.

Photoshop at your fingertips – All photo and video post-production operations can be carried out with maximum simplicity. Deleting people and objects from videos and photos will also be very simple, without using Photoshop or other complex software.

Moving shots with the phone still – The new phones will be able to maintain focus on a specific subject while taking shots where there are also other subjects. And all without even having to move the phone, just put it on a tripod!

Lightweight and perfectly focused videos – Smartphones of the future will be able to record videos by capturing only the changes from one frame to the next, while the portions of the image that have remained fixed are not captured in the new frame. The result will be much lighter videos but above all every single frame will always be in focus and can be easily extrapolated to create a photo or to be shown in slow motion.

Analyzing skin and food – The Trinamix sensors, developed by Qualcomm, will be able to analyze the appearance of our skin and our food in order to determine our state of health (for example to understand if and how dehydrated we are) or to understand whether it is better to throw away food rather than consume it. Through other very high definition sensors, the phones will also be able to analyze skin blemishes, allowing doctors to also perform remote diagnoses.

Analyzing the air – Through ToF sensors, however, phones of the future will be able to analyze the air to determine the quantity of fine dust, and therefore the level of pollution, present in it.