Super promo for Iliad at the beginning of 2024. Lots of gigabytes forever at a truly crazy price. An advantageous offer, but valid for a few days.

Offer and offers. This is how Iliad’s 2023 ended. And so 2024 opened. The end-of-year bang from the French virtual operator, the only one that came close to the three Italian telephony giants (TIM, Vodafone and WindTre), catalyzed everyone’s attention for a crazy telephone offer.

Iliadi launches into 2024 – photo source: – Sjbeez

Iliad has proposed a merger with Vodafone for its business in Italy, through the creation of a new company. The enterprise value proposed by iliad for the other Italian giant is an offer of over ten billion euros, 8.5 billion euros in cash, the rest through shareholder financing.

The English telephone operator would obtain 50% of the share capital of NewCo, together with a cash payment of 6.5 billion euros and a shareholder loan of two billion euros, confirming a long-term project. While waiting for Vodafone’s response, here is another offer, this time for everyone.

Iliadi is ahead of everyone: the first offer arrives, for a fixed term, for the beginning of 2024

It’s called Flash 180. For a variety of reasons. Flash because it is a fast offer, complete with a countdown already started, valid until 11 January 2024. Flash because it includes 5G, available on compatible devices and in the areas covered by Iliad.

2024, the first promo is from Iliad – photo source: – Sjbeez

There are one hundred and eighty gigabytes in the Iliad promo which include unlimited minutes and text messages, to landlines and mobiles in Italy. Unlimited minutes and SMS and 11 GB dedicated in European roaming (the long list of countries where the promo is available and valid can be consulted directly on the official Iliad website), but also unlimited minutes to over 60 internal destinations included: here too is the list of nations can be consulted on the French operator’s portal.

Of course, you have to be careful not to exceed 180 gigabytes per month, because otherwise a user would continue to browse, with express consent, but for €0.90/100MB. But the offer has been expanded with many services that Iliad makes available to its customers. From “Call me back” to the hotspot, through “no connection fee” to the residual credit check, answering machine and number portability.

All for 9.99 euros per month to which the one-off activation cost of another 9.99 euros must be added, which becomes zero (therefore free) for those who are iliad customers and wish to change the offer. The promo, valid until January 11th, can be activated directly on the Iliad website. By clicking on the offers you can choose whether to keep your number by filling in the empty fields on the portal. All quick. Fast as Flash (180).