Laptops for smart working must have some particular characteristics to be reliable. These are the best to have.

Even though the explosion of smart working occurred during the pandemic, many companies now allow their workers to organize their week with office days to alternate with days in which they can work without leaving home.

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But for smart working to work best you need a reliable laptop. Choosing the best one means looking at what your job is. The laptop that kids use to play could be a valid alternative, and among other things if they go to school it is free, but to have a safer environment it is the case to purchase a specific device.

Also because the first thing to remember if you work from home is that you must be able to guarantee the same security as when you are in the office. The work computer should not be used to browse social media, play games or look at your private email. Having said this, let’s see which are the best products for the job.

Best laptops for smart working

Among the best devices for those who work with a computer from home we cannot fail to include at least a couple of representatives of the Apple company. These are extremely reliable laptops, with technical specifications and level performance and which guarantee stability and security. So if you’re looking for an Apple, what you can look for could be the new MacBook Pro in the 16-inch version.

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The screen is abundant with a resolution that makes any activity a pleasure and is therefore perfect especially for those who deal with creative work. Another Apple that can be a valid alternative is the 15-inch MacBook Air M2 version, which despite the previous generation chip remains extremely reliable with 16 GB DDR5 RAM.

Outside the Apple stores there are other very interesting and appetizing products, ideal for work. Starting with the one with the largest monitor, specifically designed to create a rival to Apple, there is the 17-inch DELL The downside to this product is that it is decidedly expensive: we are over 3 thousand euros.

Much cheaper but no less reliable is the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 where 14 stands for the screen inches. As is now a long tradition for Lenovo products, inside you will find AMD with Ryzen 5 Pro. It can be found on the official Lenovo website for just over 1000 euros and is also an environmentally friendly product because it is made with recycled material and ideal for multitasking, as it supports up to three additional monitors.

In the lowest price range we find the 15-inch Dell Inspiron with Intel Core I5 ​​and Intel Iris XS graphics card. The specifications are lower but we are also talking about a product that is on sale on the official DELL website for just over 700 euros, with a notable saving compared to the others.