New Apple misadventures on the horizon: how to troubleshoot the new iOS 17 if you’ve just updated your iPhone.

Then you say that 17 doesn’t bring bad luck, even if there are other bad numbers in the United States. That’s it. Since iOS 17 arrived, trouble has arrived for Apple that is jeopardizing the credibility that the Cupertino giant had earned over the decades.

Apple, new problems with iOS 17 – Sjbeez

The first reports, criticisms, complaints and so on and so forth, with the arrival of the big September update of Apple’s operating system, iOS 17, the main cause of the overheating of the new iPhones. With many mysterious nighttime shutdowns reported by many users on Reddit.

Apple seemed to have put things right with a further system update. But the latest one, the one in mid-December, is starting to show worrying signs, as evidenced by the new complaints that have exploded on social media. Mainly from the United States, but also from China and Japan.

More than bug fixes: the new IOS 17 update is a problem for many iPhones

Among the many new features made official by Apple when iOS 17.2.1 was released, there were some “important bug fixes”. A few days later, however, it was discovered that both in China and Japan Apple wrote that the update “fixes an issue that can cause the iPhone’s battery to drain more quickly under certain conditions.”

iPhone, alternative solutions are needed for iOS 17.2 – Sjbeez

The reports fit precisely into this context. It’s not just a problem of a battery that drains much faster with the new iOS 17 update, there would also be worrying connectivity problems on iPhones: many claim the impossibility of connecting with the network provider. It is from here that alternative solutions to these problems have appeared that are causing Apple great difficulty.

In the support community discussions there are those who have reset the network settings, via the path Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Be careful, if you want to do it, make a good backup first, otherwise you risk losing what you had downloaded and saved on your smartphone.

There are those who have deleted all VPN profiles, via this other path: Settings > General > VPN and device management > VPN (tap the "i" in VPN profiles) > Delete VPN. There are those who are even downloading the beta version of iOS 17.3, confident of eliminating both the problem of a battery that no longer lasts as long as before and the cancellation of the connectivity bug. In short, another beautiful chaos. Coincidentally with iOS 17, and here the superstition is understandable.