Don’t you ever clean your earphones? Then you could risk having health problems! It only takes a few moments and you will be safe.

Earphones have become commonplace in recent years. If previously they were ‘worn’ only while driving or if you wanted to have a private conversation with a particular person, today this is no longer the case. We find ourselves always having them with us, wherever we go, to listen to videos, music, to talk to people and so on. In short, in your bag, suitcase, backpack: everywhere, as long as together.

Cleaning your earphones will avoid health problems (

But did you know that these devices are very dirty and should be washed? If you don’t do this you could have real health problems. Let’s see together the perfect method to do it: it only takes a few moments and you will be totally safe.

Don’t clean your earphones? Do this or it will be dangerous!

Earphones, as we have previously said, are now part of our everyday life, so much so that they are taken with us wherever we want. Unfortunately, however, even if we simply don’t think about it, the latter can get dirty easily and, if not cleaned in time, could be dangerous for our health. They definitely get dirty with dust and earwax, but, as for women, their earphones also tend to get dirty with makeup.

The perfect method to clean earphones (

The reason why they should always be cleaned is not just a matter of hygiene, but actually concerns our physical health. Let’s look at it below and see how we should clean them before it’s too late. The reason why you need to clean your earphones is simple: there are germs inside them that are truly dangerous for the human body.

According to a study conducted in India, it was noted that earphones can be a source of emollient staphylococci and streptococci. The latter can inflame the ear canal and cause very annoying infections. To clean them as best as possible, it is therefore necessary to be able to have:

toothbrushalcoholabsorbent paper

The first thing to do is to use a toothbrush to eliminate excess dirt and earwax present inside the earphone itself. Once we have made sure that the latter has completely gone away, we can continue with the second step.

You will need to put a little alcohol on some absorbent paper and wipe the latter both on the earphones themselves and on the wires (if you have some). Finally, let them dry thoroughly, place them in the appropriate case and then reuse them if necessary. Always remember to carry out this operation, at least once a month, or a week depending on your use. And remember above all to never exchange them with friends!