Is finding a laptop that is both powerful yet lightweight, with a good screen and a reliable battery difficult? Start with this.

In the panorama of portable PCs there are products that can satisfy the needs of different subjects. For those who find themselves traveling often for work, but also for those who are globetrotters by will, the first element to look at is the weight of the machine they are considering and the second element, which is often an equal first, is the duration of the battery.

A laptop that has it all and is perfect for travellers! (Sjbeez)

For those who move frequently, in fact, the two most important features must be the reduced size but without sacrificing ergonomics and performance and at the same time also a good battery, so as not to have to interrupt work at the most beautiful moment and run around looking for a socket of current.

Among the new products available, the new Acer 16-inch is worth mentioning. With a screen equipped with 120 Hertz OLED technology there is plenty of work space but is it also sufficient in terms of battery, ergonomics and weight?

A powerful and reliable laptop, here is the perfect model

To really choose the PC best suited to your needs, you need to think carefully about what your needs are. Because it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and simply chase the best-performing monstrosities. But if the need is to combine power with good portability, some of the most famous machines risk being an unnecessary bulk.

Acer’s Swift Edge is your dream ultralight laptop (photo/Acer – Sjbeez)

And this is why it is worth talking about the new Acer Swift Edge with 1TB internal memory and 16GB of RAM. Inside it’s all AMD, with Ryzen 7000 series and Radeon 780M graphics. What is very interesting about this laptop is the screen because it is a 16-inch OLED display at 120 Hertz refresh, with a 16:10i aspect ratio.

And for those looking for a slim product that can be carried around but reliable for work, this new Acer model which weighs just over 1kg could be a winner. Also because, in addition to being extremely light, it is also a thin product in terms of thickness: just over a centimeter.

Obviously there is no shortage of artificial intelligence given that Ryzen AI is present in the AMD Ryzen 7040 series. The position of the touchpad and the shape of the keyboard also make it comfortable enough to work without having to connect a second keyboard with mouse. However, it’s worth pointing out that the touchpad has moved to the left and the number pad has been compressed a bit, meaning you may find yourself pressing more than one number at the same time at first.

But on balance it is an extremely valid product which is on sale on the official Acer website for 1399 euros. The only small flaw is the battery which, when tested, was found to be able to keep the machine alive for just under 7 hours: there are laptops with a superior battery but you will hardly find one with the same reduced weight.