ho Mobile confirms itself as an expanding company and does so by creating opportunities for users with great promotions and special discounts.

This is a great opportunity because such a significant quantity of Gigabytes for the connection is in fact equal to an almost limitless offer, it would be almost impossible to be able to finish them even while using the same device to work or watch streaming videos for many hours a day .

300 GB for all users (Sjbeez)

All with an excellent, stable and fast connection at a truly competitive price which in a time of upheaval for the top players in the sector does nothing but lead customers towards new fronts and therefore to the choice of different and above all much less expensive packages compared to the most popular names.

Ho Mobile offer: 300 GB for everyone

The ho Mobile operator is virtual and has already demonstrated its ability to expand and the importance of this widespread work over the months. A varied offer at very low costs that make it possible for everyone to enjoy an ultra-fast connection with a huge amount of data.

The new offer from Oh Mobile (Sjbeez)

The offer in question has a price of 10.99 euros for 300 GB and while previously it was only available to users who switched from another operator, it will now be open to everyone. Therefore a real bonus also for those who are already customers and who wish to activate an even more extensive option. The offer not only includes gigabytes but also unlimited calls and unlimited SMS, for an all-inclusive package that truly competes with all the others.

The offer had already been launched for number portability, therefore anyone coming from another operator. The company offers many interesting packages and at the moment the 300 gigabyte offer is not the only one, especially considering the possibility of being able to choose a personalized telephone number, for example by inserting a date of your choice or particular numbers.

There are also other interesting options such as the 100 giga at 5.99 euros per month, the 180 giga at 7.99 euros, the 150 at 8.99 euros. For those arriving from the main operators such as Tim, Vodafone and Wind, the offer is 50 gigabytes at 11.99 euros and 13.99 euros for 50 gigabytes and 150 gigabytes respectively.

To evaluate the best one and which one can be activated on the official website, you can check according to your operator to understand which of these is usable and above all at what price. In fact, discounts are provided for individual operators, therefore for those arriving from the “new” ones and for those coming from historic operators in the sector or new registrations.