If you need to remove a registered account from Google Play, here are all the steps to follow. It’s easier than expected.

Google Play is among the most famous and used App Stores of all. Available by default within all Android smartphones, this convenient software gives the possibility of accessing a vast catalog made up of apps of all kinds. They range from those for browsing to social networks, passing through utilities and games. All conveniently divided into free and paid services to choose from.

How to remove a registered account from the Google Play Store

The only requirement is to have an active and registered account, from which Google can obtain personal information and proceed with all the necessary authorizations. It may sometimes happen that you have to remove a profile, perhaps because you have created a new one or have been hit by hacker attacks. How to do? Here are all the steps to follow, it’s much easier than you can imagine.

How to remove a registered account from Google Play: the complete guide

If you need to remove a registered account from Google Play but don’t even know where to start, then this guide is exactly what you need. By following all these steps, you will be able to log out in a few moments and delete your old account, and then proceed with registering a new one. All directly within the app store.

Google Play Store, the guide to remove a registered account

The first thing to do is get your Android smartphone and then open the Play Store. Once you reach the main screen, click on your profile photo located at the top right, and then tap on the arrow next to the account. The Manage accounts on this device item will appear, open it and then scroll to Google Accounts and finally Remove Account.

There is also an equally effective alternative. In this case you will have to go to Settings from the smartphone’s home page, scroll to Password and Account and then choose the Google Account section. Find the one you want to remove, click on it and then press the Remove account button. Some pop-up menus will appear with confirmation and warnings of what happens if the action is completed. You have to agree to everything, complete the authentication with PIN or fingerprint and that’s it.